Sunday, 5 January 2014

A Sign From the Gods?

Ever had that thing happen where you got a really amazing thing ages and ages ago but then totally forgot about it until years later? Well, this is one of those things!

Suffice to say having been attending cons for half my lifetime, I have a fairly respectable collection of autographs. Some of these were purchased from traders, and a portion of these were PRINTS rather than the genuine article. (What can I say? I was young and it was all my pocket money would stretch to, but they looked so pretty on my bedroom wall!) I had since filed them away in a big ring binder so as not to gather dust.

Having moved house lately, I decided to de-clutter and sell a few of these autographs on. Nestled away in the ring binder, I found an autographed photo of Lucy Lawless. I've never met Lucy in my life, and as I didn't remember parting with an exorbitant amount of money for it, I assumed it was a print and therefore not worth selling.

I put it back on the folder.

And thank the Gods I did - as a few weeks later my dad was reminiscing over my Xena fan days, and recalled in particular the Lucy autograph his sister had sent over from New Zealand, via her tennis buddy - Lucy's mum!!

I had totally forgotten. The autograph is real! And, naturally, not hiding in a folder any more but hanging on the wall where she can inspire me to stick to my plans and projects in true Warrior Princess fashion! Hopefully this is a sign that, just occasionally, impossible things can happen.

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