Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Crossover Set Photoshoot

Following on from Saturday's XenaFest, my photographer CT and I ventured out into the wilderness of my local nature reserve to snap some shots of the crossover set. It was a challenging shoot, with the summer sun high in the sky (and right in my eyes) and in 25 degree heat (which for pasty British people like us is practically unbearable).

However, as CT is now working full time, finding the time to get together to do shoots is tough, so with the light barely passable and the heat bearing down upon us, off we went!

 Click for the full shoot!
Click for more photos! Let Gab lead the way!

It was a tough shoot, with difficult light and awkward scenery. We had a selection of photos we were trying to replicate, and by the time CT was done filtering out the better ones we found that some hadn't worked and there were really only a handful. We will probably redo the shoot again when we have more time.

Costume wise I am still not quite happy with the colours of the top and skirt which, as you can see, do not quite seem to match yet. I may see if I can maybe take the skirt a little darker and redder to match the top - to save having to take the ribbons off the top - but matching up two very different materials that started life in two totally different shades is nigh on impossible.

But my favourite shot from the entire shoot is probably this one, recreated from a publicity shot of Renee from season one, with the light behind her.

I'm looking the wrong way but the light is spot on and it shows up the detail on the top beautifully!

For the rest of the shoot check out my DA page here:

And for CT's shoot report (along with other Xena-related posts, crafts, waffles etc) go here:

Do please add us, email us, leave feedback, etc. We'd love to hear from fellow Xenites. Hopefully there will be more photographs soon when we get the chance - and some better light.

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